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Best Massage in Manhattan
About Us

Our program is all about you and your wellness sense of being. Our staff of professionals will attend to your needs with an array of services that will fit your schedule. We offer a variety of massage therapies and holistic mind-body therapies. Our comprehensive relaxation program includes a one-stop spa experience with hot stone therapy and Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage and Facials. 

We located in the heart of Chelsea in Manhattan, across the Fashion Institute of Technology. Our facility spans over 2000 square feet and contains multiple treatment rooms for individual or couples, you will enjoy some quality relaxing time with your loved one in a private couples room and an opened relaxation lounge.

A hard-working day or a Long-distance travel is physically and mentally tiring. Let Chelsea Body Work boost your circulation, loosen your tight muscles and knots and soothe your nerves. Allow yourself to succumb to tranquility and allow yourself the health and beauty as well as comfort you deserve from our knowledgeable and experienced staff.​

We are here to help you release your stress, increase your energy and creativity and feel better about yourself. Please schedule an appointment and experience the difference. 

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